This topic discusses the concept of growth and development of attention in children. This topic particularly focuses on cognitive inhibition and attention strategies. It analyses the influence of Gestalt principle of perceptual organisation and illusion on our understanding of the world around us.

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Keywords: adaptable attention; ambiguous figures; attention; attention strategies; attention termination; binocular depth cues; brightness constancy; closure; cognitive inhibition; colour constancy; control deficiency; convergence; depth perception; effective strategy use; extraordinary perceptions; false perceptions; figure-ground relationship; Gestalt principles; impossible figures; interposition; invariance; law of continuity; law of proximity; law of similarity; linear perspective; monocular cues; Müller-Lyer illusion; multi-stable perception; perception; perception of motion; perceptual constancy; perceptual organisation; Ponzo illusion; production deficiency; reification; relative size and height; retinal disparity; selective attention; shape constancy; size constancy; stimulus orienting; stimulus-detection reflex; sustained attention; texture gradient and relative clarity; utilisation deficiency

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Date added to OUM OER: 23 Feb 2022
Date Modified in OUM OER: 23 Feb2022
Subject Matter Expert: Dr Rohani Abdullah
Submitter: Zulhairi Salih
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