This topic examines the application of Shariah contracts under operational aspects and practices of the Islamic Banking system. A detailed explanation on services provided by Islamic banking, which is related to deposit, financing and investments facilities, zakat payment and profit allocation is presented. The topic closes with the risk management practices in the Islamic Banking system.

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Commodity Murabaha Term Deposit; current deposit; investment deposit; Mudharabah; Mudharabah General Investment; participants contract; profits allocation; Qard Hassan; risk management; saving deposit; supporting contract; term deposit; trading contract; wadiah; Wadiah yad Dhamanah; Wakalah; Wakalah Unrestricted Investment Deposit; zakat

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Date added to OUM OER: 7 Sept 2022
Date Modified in OUM OER: 7 Sept 2022
Subject Matter Expert: Kharul Azhar Ramli, Yazid Isa
Submitter: Zulhairi Salih
Technical Format: H5P
License : CC BY-NC-ND


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