This topic explains the difference between intelligence, giftedness and creativity. It evaluates various theories and measurements of intelligence and analyses the existence of giftedness, creativity and savant syndrome.

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Keywords: Bayley scales of infant development; Binet’s singular component approach; bodily kinaesthetic; componential intelligence; consequences test; contextual intelligence; creativity; crystallised intelligence; experiential intelligence; figural form; fluid intelligence; g factor; general ability factor; giftedness; intelligence; interpersonal; intrapersonal; linguistic; logical-mathematical; model of intellect; musical; naturalist; primary mental abilities; processing speed; psychometric view; remote associates test (RAT); savant syndrome; spatial; specialised ability factors; spiritual/existential; Stanford-Binet intelligence scales; Torrance tests of critical thinking (TTCT); Triarchic ; theory; unusual uses test; verbal form; Weschler scales

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Date added to OUM OER: 14 Feb 2022
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