This topic deliberates on the children’s development of representation using theory of mind, false-beliefs and metacognition. It also examines the memory storage at three different levels of sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. In addition, this topic enables you to evaluate the processes involved in memory formation, which comprises of encoding, consolidation, storage (rehearsal and organisation) as well as retrieval.

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Keywords: acoustic encoding; auditory sensory memory/echoic memory; autobiographical memories; declarative; memory/explicit memory; episodic memory/event memory; eyewitness memory; false belief task; haptic memory; long-term; memory; memory consolidation; memory development; memory encoding; memory retrieval; memory storage; metacognition; multi-store model; non-declarative memory/implicit memory; priming; recall; recognition; reconstruct; rehearsal; relearning; scripts; semantic encoding; semantic memory; sensory memory; short-term memory/working memory; synaptic consolidation; system consolidation; tactile encoding; theory of mind; visual encoding

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Date added to OUM OER: 1 Mar 2022
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