This topic introduces the field of biological psychology. It describes the link between psychology and our biological systems (e.g. the central nervous system, brain and
endocrine glands).

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Keywords: action potential; autonomic nervous system; axon; central nervous system (CNS); chromosomes; dendrites; dizygotic; dominant genes; endocrine system; heterozygous; homozygous; hormone; monozygotic; nervous system; neurons; neurotransmitters; parasympathetic nervous system; peripheral nervous system (PNS); recessive genes; sex chromosomes; spinal cord; sympathetic nervous system; synapse

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Date added to OUM OER: 27 Jan 2022
Date Modified in OUM OER: 27 Jan 2022
Subject Matter Expert: Asha Angela Bogenfurst, Dr wong Huey Siew & Noor Hassline Mohamed
Submitter: Zulhairi Salih
Technical Format: H5P
License : CC BY-NC-ND

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Keywords: neurons; nerves; nervous system; central nervous system; peripheral nervous system; somatic nervous system; autonomic nervous system; endocrine system

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Date added to OUM OER: 22 Nov 2021
Date Modified in OUM OER: 22 Nov 2021
Subject Matter Expert: Dr Alizi Alias
Submitter: Centre for Instructional Design and Technology
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