This topic introduces the concept of operations and material handling system in warehousing. Aspects covered include the warehousing process, selection of optimal storage method, warehouse performance measurement, material handling equipments and warehouse layout design.

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Keywords: ABC analysis; Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV); Automatic Storage Retrieval System; Counter-Balanced Forklift Truck (CBT); First-In-First-Out (FIFO); Material Handling System (MHS); Good Faith Receiving (GFR); Goods-to-Operator; Last-In-First-Out (LIFO); Operator-to-Goods; Warehouse Management System

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Date added to OUM OER: 28 Mar 2022
Date Modified in OUM OER: 28 Mar 2022
Subject Matter Expert: Assoc Prof Dr Liang Meng Suan & Dr Tan Yong Chai
Submitter: Zulhairi Salih
Technical Format: H5P
License : CC BY-NC-ND


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